The Davies Craig Electric Water Pump - Keeping your car cool!

13/04/2018 09:00AM

Driving a car, a truck, a bus, etc relies on a combination of metal and electrical components to work together in harmony. Pretty much since the internal combustion engine was invented, there’s been a need to hang components off the side. Components like alternators or generators, steering pumps, for example. But what about cooling? Well, this was simple. A centrifugal pump that was buried in the nose of the engine would do the job of circulating water throughout the block.

There was a minor problem, though. All of those components, in order to do their job, had to be powered somehow. And that somehow was the engine that was meant to be propelling the vehicle.

All of these separate components sap engine power and increase fuel consumption. Nowadays there’s electrically assisted steering, and when it comes to cooling, electric water pumps do the job. The immediate benefit is an increase of cooling efficiency. Mechanically driven pumps turn at the same rate, more or less, as the engine, meaning at highway speeds air speed is also assisting in cooling, meaning energy is being wasted.

An electric water pump weighs less, meaning less energy is being expended to move mass. It also means that using less energy leads to better fuel consumption. Factor in the added benefit of having a controller that reads the engine temperature and adjusts the electric pump’s flow speed according to a number of factors in the system, and keeps the engine’s temperature more accurately where the designers intended.

Davies Craig build electric water pumps to suit a variety of engine size and applications. If it’s a small engine that doesn’t get driven a lot or a thumping V8 in a sports car, Davies Craig will have an EWP to suit. Flow rates from 15 litres per minute up to a Niagara Falls like 150L/minute and to suit 12V or 24V outputs.

Head over to our Electric Water Pump information page for technical details here.

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