The Davies Craig range of Fan & EWP switches and controllers

16/02/2018 01:00AM

Australian based Davies Craig can supply a range of electric Thermatic fans and electric water pumps for vehicle cooling systems, plus the associated digital controllers and switches that are compatible with existing vehicle components.

Davies Craig offers electric water pumps which are far more efficient across a broader range of driving situations than mechanical water pumps. Not only do they provide a more even and consistent coolant flow rate in slow moving traffic conditions on hot days, by eliminating the mechanical energy drawing component required to operate them, the EWP will release extra horsepower and decrease fuel consumption. For example, the EWP150 (Electric Water Pump, 150 litre/40 gallons per minute) suits an engine of 5.0 litre capacity and above, and is even suitable for drag racing and other motor racing applications. At the other end of the electric pump and booster spectrum is the compact Electric Booster Pump (EBP15) at 15 litres/min.  This tiny unit is ideal for motor bikes, scooters with engines up to 1100cc capacity and suitable in vehicle heater/cooling systems.

In order to provide the most efficient coolant flow for all conditions a LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller or a Thermatic Switch is essential.  The LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller calibrates engine coolant flow and controls temperatures. The Thermatic Switch will target which temperature the EWP or Fan is to be engaged. Both units will engage and cut off at pre-specified temperatures so, for example, if out on a freeway run with minimal traffic, normal airflow through a radiator will manage keeping an engine cool. However, once the vehicle slows or stops, the engine temperature increases and the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller will engage the Davies Craig Thermatic Fan/s. At this point the EWP will be operating at maximum flow and both the fan and EWP will continue the cooling of the engine.

A driver can to set the Digital Controller a targeted/preset temperature. At +3C the fan will engage offering increased cooling in most conditions. To ensure the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller is operating as expected there’s onboard diagnostics which constantly monitor the Controller’s own performance and sound an audible alarm if any issue has been sensed.

Switches come in either mechanical or electronic forms. The Mechanical  Switch (part #0401) is basic in concept, with a probe mounted inside the radiator hose and the unit wired to the vehicle’s ignition system. Again, once a set/targeted temperature is reached, sensed from the probe it powers on the fan.

A Davies Craig Electronic Switch (part #0444) uses either air or water temperature as a starting point. The temperature at which it’ll engage a fan can be preset to assist in cooling when required. Also it can be set up to run two fans if and when required. Davies Craig manufactures units to suit both 12V and 24V electronics.

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