Tow the line with Davies Craig

24/04/2019 12:00AM

At one point, somewhere, in our driving lives, we’ll have had to tow something. It might be a small trailer with a fridge strapped in, perhaps a slightly bigger one with a car, or the four wheel drive with a caravan. Towing is an added strain on a car’s mechanicals as it is. But the cooling?

Any extra load on a car’s cooling system will test it to a point. Consider that all vehicles undergo stringent testing in a variety of climes to ensure the door seals, the suspension, the air conditioning all work across various climatic situations but rarely, if ever, is towing mentioned as a factor aside from the “braked towing capacity”.

Because an engine’s workload is increased when towing, an improved cooling system will go a long way to help your car keep its cool under stress. Davies Craig provides a number of options that are specifically designed to increase the survival factor of a car’s cooling system and for almost any towing situation.

Davies Craig’s EWP® Electric Water Pumps take some of the mechanical load off an engine when it comes to circulating coolant through an engine. However, in order to be even more assured, an electric Thermatic Fan will offer even more engine cooling by forcing or drawing air through your car’s radiator.

Firstly, a look at the kind of vehicle being used, and how often, in order to determine the kind of equipment needed. Is the car a small four cylinder and used for a light trailer load? Perhaps a torquey six cylinder or a diesel V8, and used for a trailer with dirt bikes or perhaps a good sized caravan?

The EWP® range from Davies Craig are designed to provide a more consistent coolant flow commensurate with engine temperature. The EWP® models cover engines from small four cylinders to large capacity V8s. In order to assist with engine cooling, one needs to examine the radiator and it’s generally accepted that for towing, an “downstream” mounted fan, one located on the engine side of the radiator, will provide the better air flow for towing and cooling.

Paired with a Davies Craig LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller, the Thermatic® fans can be programmed to engage as required and pull air through the radiator to perform the heat exchange needed to generate cooler fluid. If a car is towing a light load then the Controller can be set to engage at a set/targeted temperature.

The benefit of installing and operating the electrically powered fans and pumps is the extra power released that can be used by the engine. Mechanical strain on engine components is lessened, meaning increased longevity, and economy may also increase, subject to driving conditions. Check out our product list on the website and match up the right parts for your car.

Have you used Davies Craig Thermatic fans, switches or Electric Water Pumps with your towing? Let us know via our blog feedback.