Tyre Monitoring – The Davies Craig Way

10/09/2016 03:00AM

The Davies Craig Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TYREGUARD 400 TPMS) is a unique safety system that allows you to easily monitor your tyres air pressure and temperature. The device is a breeze to install with screw on sensors and a hand held monitoring system. The sensors are fixed to the tyre valve and are graphically highlighted on the monitoring screen.

With data available for each individual tyre, the system shows accurate information in real time and even has an alarm that sounds if pressure or temperature changes from the original settings. The TPMS has a pressure range of 0 – 145 psi and can monitor the air pressure and temperature of up to 22 tyres. The sensors work within 7.6 meters of the device and up to 16 meters with the use of a signal booster.

Each sensor/ tyre can be set to their own individual pressure depending on your requirements but must be realigned when placed on a different tyre. The handy Davies Craig Tyre Pressure Monitoring System features a variety of warning notifications that signal low/ high pressure changes, leaks and high temperature and the device will notify the user with a flashing red LED and audible alarm.

So if you want to monitor what is happening with your tyres accurately and in real time, head over to the product section of the Davies Craig Website to get yours now!

$345.00(Ex. GST)