Westfield Seight Rover V8 - Electric Water Pump (EWP150) Conversion

20/11/2023 12:00AM | By Paul Jenkins

I purchased my Westfield Seight (Rover V8) kit back in 2016 from a chap who had it sitting under covers unbuilt for 10 yrs.

Car came a with a brand new short block, so while building I added a slightly hotter cam and went for full fuel injection. When finished, it was around 205bhp at the wheels, which was pretty lively in a car weighing in at 670kgs.

One issue I had early on was cooling, there are two headers in a very small engine bay, and the maximum frontal area of the radiator is limited to around 11 inches, which quite honestly is too small for a mildly tuned V8.

Cooling while the car was moving was generally ok, but being stopped in traffic would see the engine temps rise quickly, and the fan and rad would really struggle to keep temps below 100 degrees when the pump was spinning slowley.

Having tried different cooling layouts, and even installing the highest possible flowing fan it was time to make the move to an EWP® to increase the rate of coolant circulation while stopped. Happy to say that the Davies Craig EWP® solved all of the issues, and the car now stays at a very steady temperature in traffic.

The install was interesting, I opted to go for the full mechanical water pump delete and make my own blanking plate. Due to the routing of the alternator drive belt this also meant that the water inlet was at a challenging angle, this was solved using a thermostat housing from a hummer! The pump was placed as low as possible, and the controller installed under the dashboard, and is used to control both EWP® and fan.

Product Used: EWP®150 BLACK Combo Remote Electric Water Pump & Controller (12V) (Part #8975)


Blanking plate:



Shows new belt routing after mechanical pump removal:


Pump installation (black hose to pump coming from bottom of the radiator)




A big thank you to Paul for providing this information to assist others