What Are The Benefits Of An Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP)

30/03/2020 12:00AM

FAQ #1: What Are The Benefits Of An Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP)

In our series of FAQ's answered, this is Part 1 of 7 We explain in simple terms the benefits of a Davies, Craig EWP.



Davies Craig’s remote-mounted Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) can be installed on the bottom radiator hose and can replace or will operate in situ with the existing mechanical water pump.

  • Old mechanical, belt-driven water pumps run directly off the engine and sap engine power.
  • As a performance or booster pump accessory that increases power sent to the drive wheels
  • The engine cooling is improved with an EWP® by having a higher flow rate at idle and low engine speeds when there is little or no ram air, and when the engine is switched off.
  • Improves cooling capacity and fuel economy offering a more consistent coolant flow
  • Will eliminate damaging heat soak after a hot-engine shut down
  • The significant improvement - the power the mechanical water pump absorbs from the engine increases as the cube of its speed – therefore when the pump speed doubles from idle, say 600 rpm to 1200 rpm, the power it absorbs increases 8 times, then another 8 times going to 2400 rpm and so on up to 10,000 rpm. This extra power and torque you are releasing by disabling the mechanical coolant pump, is delivered to the drive train.
  • Electric Water Pumps can be hard wired into your vehicle’s electrical system or you may opt to use the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller which forms part of the EWP® Combo Kits.
  • The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller (Part # 8002, if ordered separately) used with either model EWP® will greatly enhance management of coolant flow, commensurate with the rising and falling of engine temperature as well as temperature controlling the operation of the electric Thermatic Fan/s.