What size Thermatic Fan do you need?

09/02/2018 10:00AM

Davies Craig Thermatic Electric Fans have revolutionised the cooling capabilities in vehicles, and with fans to suit almost every vehicle’s radiator, there is likely to be a Davies Craig Thermatic Electric Fan to suit your application! Davies Craig offer fans ranging in diameter from 8” to 16” with offerings to suit both high and low powered vehicles, so how do you find out which fan is right for your car?

We’ve compiled the checklist below to assist you select the most suitable Thermatic Electric Fan for your vehicle.

  1. Measure your radiator core dimensions (width, height and depth, from the front of the engine to back of radiator) and compare these dimensions to the specific models of Davies Craig Electric Fans. 
  2. Davies Craig Thermatic® Fans are reversible (Ex: Brushless models) which means they can be mounted either upstream or downstream. (illustrated below)
  3. In general, one large fan will have better airflow than two smaller fans. Where the radiator is rectangular or space is tight there may be no choice but to fit two smaller fans; choose the largest fan that can be accommodated in space available. The fan can also be mounted offset from centre of the radiator to clear engine components when mounted in the downstream position.
  1. If possible, mount the fan directly to the radiator core and as close to the hot water inlet as possible for maximum cooling efficiency.
    Note: Fans should not be fitted on opposite sides of radiator core unless these are offset such that the airflow of one is not interfering with the airflow of the other.
  2. If you require advice, please contact Davies Craig for further assistance.