10" Slimline Thermatic® Fan + #0500 Fan Switch (12 VOLT) (PART #0012) 

This is a June 2019 Promo offering the Digital Fan Switch (Part #0500) at half price with the purchase of a Fan
This kit contains:
  • 1 x 10" Electric / Thermatic Fan (12 Volt) (Part #0147) (Davies Craig)
  • 1 x Digital Gauge Thermatic® Fan & EWP Switch Kit (12 & 24V) (PART #0500)(Davies Craig)

10" SLIMLINE THERMATIC® Electric FAN (12 VOLT) (PART #0147)

All Davies Craig Thermatic® Fan are packaged with fan assembly (motor, fan blade, shroud and mounting feet).

A Davies Craig Thermatic® Fan is suitable for both condenser and radiator cooling. Thermatic® Fans provide; Constant air flow, increased fuel economy, air conditioning performance, cooler engine running, low profile, high performance, increased engine power and fully reversible blades and polarity for bi-directional air flow.

These fan assemblies are set up for upstream applications.

For downstream applications the fan blade must be removed and turned over and the polarity reversed. Always check that the fan blade rotates in the direction shown by the arrows on the blade before making a permanent wiring connection and prior to fastening the unit to the radiator.

Airflow 696 CFM (ft3/min)   #0213 Motor (12 Volt)
Maximum current

7.0A (12 Volt)

3.5A (24 Volt)

  #0317 Rotor (reversible, glass-filled nylon)
Weight 1.13 kg (2.5 lb)   #0375 Shroud (glass-filled polypropylene)

Height = 278mm

Depth = 50mm

  #0604 Mounting feet




A bright, attractive, compact high visibility 52mm round gauge with LED digital display for mounting in the driver’s compartment!

Automatically activates single or twin fans or a fan and Electric Water Pump at your set / targeted temperature when extra cooling is required. It can also detect transmission fluid temperature.

It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator with the sensor placed in the radiator fin section or alternatively the sensor can also be placed directly into the coolant system in combination with a Temperature Sensor Adaptor Kit (Part 0409).

The kit is sold in 12 Volt configuration.

*For 24 Volt application: 2 x 24V Relays required, sold separately (Part #10534)


Digital Thermatic Fan Switch - 52mm Gauge 1
Digital Gauge Stand 1
Digital Gauge Thermatic Fan Switch - Wiring Loom 1
Wiring Harness 2
Fuse 15 AMP 2
Fuse 30 AMP 2
Scotchlok Terminal 6
Relay - 12V 40 Amp 5 Pin 2
Connector (Yellow) 2
Yellow 6mm Eye Crimp Terminal 2
Screw - Self Tapping 8X3/8 3
Eye Crimp Terminal - 5mm 2
Temp Probe Mounting Kit 1
Installation Instructions 1



The kit is set up for air temperature sensor application. For water / coolant applications, please read below.

It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator and has an adjustable temperature range of 5ºC to 110ºC (41ºF to 230ºF).
The Temperature Sensor is placed in the radiator fin section as close to the hot coolant inlet as possible, no need to cut hoses or can be placed directly into the coolant system.

Part #0500 sensor can also be placed directly into the coolant system. 

  • Use #0465 for OE style 1/4 “NPT port install
  • Use #0409 for radiator hose install


The DIGITAL GAUGE THERMATIC® FAN/EWP® SWITCH must be mounted inside the vehicle’s driving compartment for easy reading and quick adjustment.

  • Convenient push-button control allows you to accurately set/target temperature for automatic activation of the Thermatic® Fan #1 and Fan #2 at independent temperatures when extra cooling is required.
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation instructions.
  • This flexible switch can also be used to activate an Electric Water Pump and/or an Electric Booster Pump.

This new DIGITAL GAUGE THERMATIC® FAN/EWP® SWITCH complements the highly successful #0400 Combo, #0401, #0404 and #0444 Thermatic® Switches



  • Temperature Sensor Display Range 0oC ~ 130oC (32F ~ 266F)
  • Temperature Sensor Setting Range 5oC ~ 110oC (41F ~ 230F)
  • Temperature Units interchangeable between oC & oF
  • 12V and *24V compatible
  • *For 24 Volt application: 2 x 24V Relays required, sold separately (Part #10534)
  • Can detect ambient temperature (air) as standard
  • Can detect coolant temperature
    • Use #0465 for OE style 1/4 “NPT port install
    • Use #0409 for radiator hose install
  • Can detect transmission fluid temperature
    • Use #0465 and requires (sourced externally)
      • 1 x Female Fitting Pipe Tee 1/4' NPT
      • 2 X 3/8' Barb Fitting To 1/4' NPT
  • Independent set temperature for Fan 1 and Fan 2
  • Independent control of A/C override (fan 1, fan 2 or both)
    • Can be used as manual override
  • Can Manually turn off Fans (press and hold Fan + A/C)
    • For river crossing as example
  • Led indicators for Fan1, Fan2 and A/C
    • LED lights show operating condition
    • See table below
  • Over temperature warning with audible alarm
    • See functions table below
  • Audible alarm has 5min Snooze function.
  • Universal 52mm gauge design.
  • Built in display dimmer with headlight trigger
  • Extra-long temperature sensor wires 380 cm
  • Interchangeable/replicable sensor



hyperlink Image.jpg SINGLE FAN MOUNTING HARDWARE KIT (12V) (1000)

hyperlink Image.jpg SINGLE FAN MOUNTING HARDWARE KIT (24V) (1001)

hyperlink Image.jpg DUAL FAN MOUNTING KIT - UNIVERSAL 12V (1002)

hyperlink Image.jpg DUAL FAN MOUNTING KIT - UNIVERSAL 24V (1003)


The Davies, Craig Universal Fan Fitting Kit includes all parts necessary for mounting and wiring any 12- and 24-volt electric fans
– all Davies, Craig Thermatic® Fans and other electric fan models.

1000 - Kit (Small).jpg


 What size Thermatic® Fan do I need?
If your car make is not listed in our Model Selection Guide (see the Davies, Craig website, we suggest the following:

  1. Measure your radiator core dimensions (width, depth and clearance - refer diagram below) and refer to “Fan Models” to check which fan/s will fit your core.
  2. Davies Craig Thermatic® Fans are reversible (Ex: Brushless models) which means they can be mounted upstream or downstream, as illustrated below.
  3. In general, one large fan will have better airflow than two smaller fans. Where radiator is rectangular there may be no choice but to fit two smaller fans; choose the largest that can be accommodated in space available. The fan can also be mounted offset from centre to clear engine components when mounted in the downstream position.
    Note: Fans should not be fitted on opposite sides of radiator core unless these are offset such that the airflow of one is not interfering with the airflow of the other.
  4. If you require advice, please contact Davies, Craig for assistance.


Fan Mounting Direction

2011_DCPL_Catalogue-15 - Fan Mounting Options.jpg

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