3mm Rubber Adaptor Sleeve (Part #18510)

Ideal for fitment to either the inlet or outlet of your EWP or the inline temp sensor adaptor. This sleeve offers greater flexibility and assists when trying to fit varaious hose sizes to the EWP.


The 3mm Rubber Adaptor Sleeve can be used with the EWP80 & EWP130 (Straight Adaptor or Elbow Adaptor ), the inlet and outlet of the EWP115 & EWP150 & the inline temp sensor adaptor.

  • This sleeve will increase hose fittment by 6mm
  • For EWP80 & EWP130 Adaptors: 35mm to 41mm
  • For Inline Temp Adaptor: 35mm to 41mm
  • For EWP115 & EWP150 inlet & outlet: 38mm to 44mm

Should you need a larger hose fitting size, use our 6mm Adaptor Sleeve (Part #18511)


Description Units

3mm Sleeve Rubber Adaptor

(Push On Fitting, Size: 3mm)



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