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1024 Alloy Adaptor EWP Right Angle 90° Elbow 1


The Davies Craig Alloy Adaptor can be used with the EWP115 & EWP150 Alloy Pump. Ideal for fitment to either the inlet or outlet of your Alloy EWP, this Adaptor offers greater flexibility and assists with more position options when fitting a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump to your vehicle. The use of this adaptor will increase the number positioning opportunities and assist you maintain unrestricted coolant flow.

Davies, Craig Pty Ltd has designed and manufactured a distinctive alloy EWP® 90° Elbow Swivel Adaptor. We’ve used our extensive knowledge of the performance parts market to ensure our alloy EWP® fittings and adaptors are superior in quality. The EWP® Swivel adaptor now offers a more simplified and flexible choice of positions to place your EWP® in the vicinity of the bottom radiator hose within a tight engine bay.
The EWP® 90° Alloy Elbow Swivel Adaptor simply fastens into either the An-16 inlet or outlet thread of your alloy EWP® offering excellent flexibility when you mount your EWP®.



  • Simplifies the fitment of any alloy EWP® Electric Water Pump to your engine.
  • AN-16 threads with accompanying O rings for water-tight EWP® attachment.
  • Push-On Fitting Option: Hose Size 35-40mm
  • Can be fitted in conjunction with conventional radiator & silicone hoses.
  • Can be fitted in conjunction with braided wire radiator hoses.
  • Versatile 90° Alloy elbow that now offers 360° swivel for positioning of the EWP®

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