Provides optimum control of Davies, Craig 12 / 24 Volt Electric Water Pumps and Electric Fans. Suits EWP®80, EWP®115, EWP®130, EWP®150, Thermatic® / Electric Fans and billeted style Electric Water Pumps.

The controller offers enhanced appearance, slimmer and the seven-pin plug is safely tucked away, out of sight at the base of the Controller.  It has 2 mounting options:

  1. Bracket
  2. Nylon Plate

The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller has two specific functions:

  1. Will manage the operation of the EWP® by varying the speed of the pump in response to the coolant temperature
  2. Manage control of your electric engine fan.

The Controller has a push-button to lock in any temperature from 40°C (104°F) to 110°C (230°F). It’s recommended you set/target the Controller to closely match your engine’s existing thermostat temperature.
The Digital Controller will operate the engine’s electric fan automatically once the engine has reached +3°C (+5.4°F) above the targeted / set temperature. Another significant benefit is that the Controller allows the EWP® & Fan to run on after ignition shutdown for either 3 minutes or -10°C (-14°F) of set set / target temperature to eliminate heat soak.

Sensor Wire Length: 250cm, Increase to 380cm (Oct 2020)


EWP®, Fan & LCD Controller Installation                                                                                LCD Controller Wiring Instructions








EWP® Digital Controller Assembly  



Wiring Harness (includes 10AMP fuse) 



Temp Sensor 1/4 NPT



In-Line Adaptor (35mm ends - hose size fitting)



Hose Clamps



Ring Terminal



Rubber Sleeves 3mm (Increase In-Line Adaptor to fit hose size 38mm)

*For larger hose size, you will need 6mm sleeves (Part #18511) which will increase adaptor to fit hose size 41~42mm *not in kit*



Mounting Options: Nylon Plate, Bracket






Sensor Instructions


Technical Specifications
Technical Specification - LCD Controller
Voltage range 12V DC to 29V DC
Display LCD size 64.6mm (2.54”) x 55.6mm (2.19”)
Maximum current 12Amps
Warning alarm High & low Temp., Above set temp., Sensor short circuit, Pump error, High & low voltage and Sensor open circuit
Targeted (set) temperatures Singular degrees from:
40°C (104°F) to 110°C (230°F)
Memory Set & targeted temperature
Fan cut-in temp. 3°C (5.4°F) above the targeted (set) temperature
Controller type PCB with micro-processor
Sensor type Thermister in housing
Overrun/ shutdown -10°C (14°F) below set/target temperature or 3 minutes
Indicators Temperature, power, EWP®, test, fan, high & low temp, voltage, above set temperature (with alarm)
Weight 135 grams

Length = 98mm (3.8")
Width = 95mm (3.7")
Depth = 25mm (1”)


The contrasting black & white screen and comprehensive diagnostic menu of engine cooling management at a glance includes;

  • Numerical LCD exhibiting real-time numerical on-going engine & targeted/set temperatures
  • Flashing EWP® logo signifying pump pulse, width, modulation (PWM) operation and delivering the desired coolant flow through the engine
  • Individual, adjustable targeted/set temperatures from 40°C (104°F) to 110°C (230°F)
  • Rotating Davies Craig Thermatic® Fan symbol indicating fan operation (which automatically engages at +3ºC (+37.4ºF) above the set/targeted coolant temperature.)
  • Your set/targeted temperature can now be held in memory if the battery is disconnected.
  • Override feature to assist with EWP® bleeding operation.
  • Voltage output.

A suite of self-diagnostic ‘test’ functions are still on offer that identify and deliver visual and audible warnings enabling simple trouble-shooting if a system problem is evident. An audible alarm will sound when;

  • * Coolant temperature doesn’t exceed 40ºC (104ºF) within 5 mins of start-up.
  • * Coolant exceeds +10ºC (+50ºF) of set/targeted temperature.
  • * Coolant temperature exceeds 100ºC (212ºF).
  • * Voltage supply is either too high or too low.
  • * EWP error.
  • * Temperature Sensor error.

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will manage the operation of your chosen EWP® or billeted electric water pump by varying the pump’s speed and subsequent coolant flow in response to engine coolant temperature, as well as manage the thermal control of your electric Thermatic® engine Fan/s.

The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller becomes the engine’s new ‘thermostat’ and now has individual targeted temperature settings from 60°C (140°F) to 110°C (212°F). Programmed by simply pushing a button and holding down to set! 

In combination with a Davies, Craig Thermatic Fan®, or other electric engine fans, the temperature of the engine’s cooling system can be more precisely controlled. The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will also operate the EWP® after ignition/engine shutdown, circulating coolant and rapidly dissipating heat more efficiently to avoid heat-soak.

If the engine temperature cools below the targeted/set temperature, the EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will step back from full system voltage back to 12 or 6 volt operation and revert to pulse width modulation (PWM) mode when highway cruising.

Major advances to the updated LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller are;

Temperature setting is a simple push-button adjustment. Individual set/target temperature options commencing at 60°C to 100ºC (212ºF). The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller is factory set at 85ºC (185ºF).

To eliminate heat-soak, a built in automatic time-out feature allows the EWP® to circulate engine coolant for up to 3 minutes or till coolant temperate is reduced to -10◦C (-14F) below the set/targeted temperature to eliminate heat-soak after engine shut-down.  

Temperature Thermal Sensor - can be mounted into the thermostat housing, top radiator hose or top of the radiator or engine block near the engine coolant outlet.

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller weighs only 90 grams (3.2oz) and can be easily and conveniently mounted anywhere in the driving compartment.

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller can be left at the factory-set 85ºC (185ºF), offering smarter engine warm up and enhanced engine management of the vehicle’s cooling system. Many drivers may prefer to select a higher set point for an even quicker warm-up and greater economy, switching to a cooler engine setting when full power is required. It’s that simple.

Davies, Craig’s updated LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller continues to be a premium quality product ensuring its increasing range of EWP®s will exhibit the ultimate engine cooling experience. The LCD EWP®/Fan Controller was designed and developed right here in Australia! The Digital Controller, an EWP® and electric Thermatic® engine fan/s are three excellent examples of ingenious Australian innovation and design.



Product Selection Guide

Application Pump Model Pump Kit Pump Combo Controller / Switch
Part #
12 V
Part #
24 V
12 V
Part #
24 V
Part #
12 V
Part #
24 V
Motorbike up to 500cc (Standard) EBP®15 9001       0444 or 0500  
Motorbike 500cc - 1000cc (Std) EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0500  
Motorbike 1000cc - 2000cc (Std) EBP®25 9005       0444 or 0500  
Vehicle Heater System (Standard) EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0500  
LPG (Butane) System (Standard) EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0500  
(depending on capacity)
EBP®23 9050          
EBP®25 9005          
EBP®40 9040 9041     0444 or 0500 0444 or 0500
EWP®80 8005   8907      
Engines up to 2.0L (Standard) EWP®80 8005   8907   8002 8002
Engines up to 2.0L - 3.5L (Standard) EWP®115 8025 or
8026 or
8930 or
8931 or
8002 8002
Engines up to 3.5L - 5.0L (Standard) EWP®130 8080 8081 8990 8991 8002 8002
Engines 5.0L or greater (Standard) EWP®150 8060 8061 8970 8971 8002 8002
Modified Engines
EWP®150 8060 8061 8970 8971 8002 8002
Drag Racing, Drifting & Speedway EWP®150 8060 8061 8970 8971 8002 8002
Off Road / 4WDs EWP®130 8080 8081 8990 8991 8002 8002
Solar Hot Water Systems (depending on size) EBP®15 9001       0444 or 0500  
EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0500  
EBP®25 9005       0444 or 0500  
EBP®40 9040 9041     0444 or 0500 0444 or 0500


 For further information, see Product Information

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