*NOTE: this part ONLY includes the controller and mounting hardware (bracket, nylon plate) for customer that may already have all other components due to replacing a damaged unit or upgrading from an older model.

For all other applications, please look at the full kit part number 8002.


The updated controller offers enhanced rounded appearance, slimmer and the seven-pin plug is now safely tucked away, out of sight at the base of the Controller.  It now also has 2 mounting options:

  1. Bracket
  2. Nylon Plate

The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller has two specific functions:

  1. Will manage the operation of the EWP® by varying the speed of the pump in response to the coolant temperature
  2. Manage control of your electric engine fan.

The Controller has a push-button to lock in any temperature from 40°C (104°F) to 110°C (230°F). It’s recommended you set/target the Controller to closely match your engine’s existing thermostat temperature.
The Digital Controller will operate the engine’s electric fan automatically once the engine has reached +3°C (+5.4°F) above the targeted / set temperature. Another significant benefit is that the Controller allows the EWP® & Fan to run on after ignition shutdown for either 3 minutes or -10°C (-14°F) of set set / target temperature to eliminate heat soak.

Sensor Wire Length: 250cm, Increase to 380cm (Oct 2020)

EWP®, Fan & LCD Controller Installation                                                                                LCD Controller Wiring Instructions








EWP Digital Controller   



Mounting Hardware (Bracket, Nylon Plate)



Technical Specifications
Technical Specification - LCD Controller
Voltage range 12V DC to 29V DC
Display LCD size 64.6mm (2.54”) x 55.6mm (2.19”)
Maximum current 12Amps
Warning alarm High & low Temp., Above set temp., Sensor short circuit, Pump error, High & low voltage and Sensor open circuit
Targeted (set) temperatures Singular degrees from:
40°C (104°F) to 110°C (230°F)
Memory Set & targeted temperature
Fan cut-in temp. 3°C (5.4°F) above the targeted (set) temperature
Controller type PCB with micro-processor
Sensor type Thermister in housing
Overrun/ shutdown -10°C (14°F) below set/target temperature or 3 minutes
Indicators Temperature, power, EWP®, test, fan, high & low temp, voltage, above set temperature (with alarm)
Weight 135 grams

Length = 95mm (3.7")

Width = 130mm (5.1")

Depth = 25mm (1”)


The contrasting black & white screen and comprehensive diagnostic menu of engine cooling management at a glance includes;

  • Numerical LCD exhibiting real-time numerical on-going engine & targeted/set temperatures
  • Flashing EWP® logo signifying pump pulse, width, modulation (PWM) operation and delivering the desired coolant flow through the engine
  • Individual, adjustable targeted/set temperatures from 40°C (104°F) to 110°C (230°F)
  • Rotating Davies Craig Thermatic® Fan symbol indicating fan operation (which automatically engages at +3ºC (+37.4ºF) above the set/targeted coolant temperature.)
  • Your set/targeted temperature can now be held in memory if the battery is disconnected.
  • Override feature to assist with EWP® bleeding operation.
  • Voltage output.

A suite of self-diagnostic ‘test’ functions are still on offer that identify and deliver visual and audible warnings enabling simple trouble-shooting if a system problem is evident. An audible alarm will sound when;

  • * Coolant temperature doesn’t exceed 40ºC (104ºF) within 5 mins of start-up.
  • * Coolant exceeds +10ºC (+50ºF) of set/targeted temperature.
  • * Coolant temperature exceeds 100ºC (212ºF).
  • * Voltage supply is either too high or too low.
  • * EWP error.
  • * Temperature Sensor error.

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will manage the operation of your chosen EWP® or billeted electric water pump by varying the pump’s speed and subsequent coolant flow in response to engine coolant temperature, as well as manage the thermal control of your electric Thermatic® engine Fan/s.

The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller becomes the engine’s new ‘thermostat’ and now has individual targeted temperature settings from 60°C (140°F) to 110°C (212°F). Programmed by simply pushing a button and holding down to set! 

In combination with a Davies, Craig Thermatic Fan®, or other electric engine fans, the temperature of the engine’s cooling system can be more precisely controlled. The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will also operate the EWP® after ignition/engine shutdown, circulating coolant and rapidly dissipating heat more efficiently to avoid heat-soak.

If the engine temperature cools below the targeted/set temperature, the EWP®/Fan Digital Controller will step back from full system voltage back to 12 or 6 volt operation and revert to pulse width modulation (PWM) mode when highway cruising.

Major advances to the updated LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller are;

Temperature setting is a simple push-button adjustment. Individual set/target temperature options commencing at 60°C to 100ºC (212ºF). The EWP®/Fan Digital Controller is factory set at 85ºC (185ºF).

To eliminate heat-soak, a built in automatic time-out feature allows the EWP® to circulate engine coolant for up to 3 minutes or till coolant temperate is reduced to -10◦C (-14F) below the set/targeted temperature to eliminate heat-soak after engine shut-down.  

Temperature Thermal Sensor - can be mounted into the thermostat housing, top radiator hose or top of the radiator or engine block near the engine coolant outlet.

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller weighs only 90 grams (3.2oz) and can be easily and conveniently mounted anywhere in the driving compartment.

The LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller can be left at the factory-set 85ºC (185ºF), offering smarter engine warm up and enhanced engine management of the vehicle’s cooling system. Many drivers may prefer to select a higher set point for an even quicker warm-up and greater economy, switching to a cooler engine setting when full power is required. It’s that simple.

Davies, Craig’s updated LCD EWP®/Fan Digital Controller continues to be a premium quality product ensuring its increasing range of EWP®s will exhibit the ultimate engine cooling experience. The LCD EWP®/Fan Controller was designed and developed right here in Australia! The Digital Controller, an EWP® and electric Thermatic® engine fan/s are three excellent examples of ingenious Australian innovation and design.



Product Selection Guide

Application Pump Model Pump Kit Pump Combo Controller / Switch
Part #
12 V
Part #
24 V
12 V
Part #
24 V
Part #
12 V
Part #
24 V
Motorbike up to 500cc (Standard) EBP®15 9001       0444 or 0455  
Motorbike 500cc - 1000cc (Std) EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0455  
Motorbike 1000cc - 2000cc (Std) EBP®25 9005       0444 or 0455  
Vehicle Heater System (Standard) EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0455  
LPG (Butane) System (Standard) EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0455  
(depending on capacity)
EBP®23 9050          
EBP®25 9005          
EBP®40 9040 9041     0444 or 0455 0444 or 0455
EWP®80 8005   8907      
Engines up to 2.0L (Standard) EWP®80 8005   8907   8002 8002
Engines up to 2.0L - 3.5L (Standard) EWP®115 8025 or
8026 or
8930 or
8931 or
8002 8002
Engines up to 3.5L - 5.0L (Standard) EWP®130 8080 8081 8990 8991 8002 8002
Engines 5.0L or greater (Standard) EWP®150 8060 8061 8970 8971 8002 8002
Modified Engines
EWP®150 8060 8061 8970 8971 8002 8002
Drag Racing, Drifting & Speedway EWP®150 8060 8061 8970 8971 8002 8002
Off Road / 4WDs EWP®130 8080 8081 8990 8991 8002 8002
Solar Hot Water Systems (depending on size) EBP®15 9001       0444 or 0455  
EBP®23 9050       0444 or 0455  
EBP®25 9005       0444 or 0455  
EBP®40 9040 9041     0444 or 0455 0444 or 0455


 For further information, see Product Information


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