GENERAL MOTORS HOLDEN 253-308 EWP Block Adapter (Part #8600)

The Holden 253-308 EWP® Block Adapter is designed in conjunction with an EWP® Electric Water Pump Combo Kits to replace your existing belt-driven mechanical water pump on the 253, 304, 308 & 355 GM Holden engine.


*Note: For the heater return hose, you will need our Heater Return Adapter, Part Number 8380. Place this unit before the EWP as per the demonstration video.

Some older vehicles may have a heater pipe with two hose connectors, one for the sender the other for the return. In these instances, you will need 2 x Heater Return Adapters (Part No. 8380). Place one Adapter before the EWP, this will be your heater return, place the second Adapter unit after the EWP, this will be for your heater sender hose.








Adapter Plate



Adapter Gasket



Heater Return Adapter

(Part 8380)



The Davies, Craig EWP® Block-Adapter which has been designed for use with EWP® Electric Water Pumps to replace your existing belt-driven, mechanical water pump on Holden 253/308 V8 engines. Further, if your belt-driven, mechanical water pump has a mechanical fan, you will need to replace this fan with a suitable Davies, Craig Thermatic Fan.


If you’ve purchased one of the EWP® Electric Water Pump Combo Kits, then your EWP/Fan Digital Controller has a built-in thermal switch that will control an electric Thermatic Fan in unison with your new Electric Water Pump. Details relating to the most suitable Davies, Craig Thermatic Fan for your vehicle are listed on the Davies, Craig website.

If your vehicle is not listed you may follow the guidelines listed to identify the most suitable Thermatic Fan for your vehicle. Remember, a strong air flow, Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) through your engine’s radiator is the one vital factor that helps achieve efficient engine cooling. Ensure the electric Thermatic Fan you select has sufficient air flow, (CFM). Some fan manufacturers inflate air flow rate figures. If you’re not able to confirm the CFM of the fan you plan to purchase – DON’T BUY IT!       

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