GM LS1 EWP® Block Adapter (Part #8650)

**Superseded by Part #8670**

LS Series EWP® Block Adapter Suits GM GEN III & IV SB & LSX


Davies, Craig Pty Ltd announces the arrival of its innovative EWP® Block Adapter to suit the General Motors LS1 Series family of engines. These iconic V8 engines are fast becoming the engine of choice for their lightweight and power. Now, the addition of the Davies Craig  Electric Water Pump Block Adapter Kit, coupled to one of the EWP®115, or EWP®130 or the EWP®150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kit will free up the parasitic power loss inherent with mechanical water pumps!

Kit Contents



Hose clamps, WH 5
LS Gasket 2
LS Adapter Plate (Left) 1
LS Adapter Plate (Right) 1
Silicon T-Hose 1
Silicon Y-Hose 1
Heater Hose Return Fitting 2
Heater Hose Return Adapter 2
Stud 1
Nut 1
Bolts 5
Inline Adapter 1
Alternator Bracket - LS 1
Belt 1
Alternator Tensioner Bolt, Nut Washers 1


Installation Video

The addition of the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump Block Adapter, coupled to one of the EWP®115, or EWP®130 or the EWP®150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kit will:

  • Replaces belt-driven mechanical water pump.
  • Increases engine horsepower!
  • Provides superior engine cooling control!
  • Eliminates heat soak!
  • Simple do-it-yourself ‘plug & play’ installation using some existing water pump hardware 


This exciting new product allows end-users to enjoy the benefits of the superior engine cooling technology Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP®) and the LCD EWP® / Fan Controller Combo Pack offers.

Deleting the existing mechanical iron-age water pump from the front of the engine block frees up valuable space to fit a high performance 14” or 16” Davies Craig Thermatic® fan!


LS Adaptor Fitting.pngLS Adaptor Fitting A.png


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