iTPMS 8886 Single Sensor (Part #1055)


Spare sensor's x 1 for use with the iTPMS 8886 Kit (Part No. 1050).

The iTPMS 8886 has been specifically designed for use with Apple iPhones and is the first TPMS made for iPhone and approved by Apple Inc. The iTPMS app can be downloaded from Apple store. It's a safety system for monitoring the individual air pressure and temperature of up to 4 tyres with a pressure range of 0 to 50 psi & temperature range of -20C up to +85C.


Technical Specifications 


Kit Contents

Operating Frequency

433.92MHz +-0.05MHz    Sensor x 1




Battery Voltage 1.8 ~ 3.3V       
Operating Current Static Current <1uA
Peak Current <18mA
Operating Temperature -20C ~ +60C
-4F ~ +140F 
Pressure Monitoring Range

0 ~ 50 PSI

0 ~ 3.5 BAR

Precision of Pressure  +/- 1.5 PSI / 0.1 BAR  
 Precision of Temperature +/- 1C / 34F   


iTPMS Sensor is Smaller and Lighter (19Oct2015).jpiTPMS DIffernt Warnings on iPhone Display (19Oct20

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