¼ NPT THERMAL SENSOR UPGRADE KIT suits #0444, 0500, 8002 (PART #0465)

The Davies, Craig ¼" NPT Thermal Sensor Upgrade Kit is designed to fit a ¼ NPT
Sensor to Part Number 0444 or 0500 (Digital Thermatic® Fan Switch or Gauge).
This will enable you to change the sensor type and fitment options from the 5mm
diameter probe sensor provided in these kits as standard.

It is also a spare part for those customer who may have inadvertently damaged the

sensor or connector on the Davies, Craig Digital Controller, Part number 8101, 8102, 8000, 8001, 8002

  • Length from connector to connector: 37cm
  • Length of cable: 30cm
  • Sensor: Tapered thread (threads that taper along the thread profile and decrease in diameter as you travel down the part)


Description Quantity
Interchangeable Connector for ¼ NPT Sensor


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