Mazda BT50 Transmission Oil Cooler Installation

21/09/2018 09:00AM

Davies Craig has been an industry leader in automotive and air conditioning cooling fan markets for over 45 years with a passion and dedication for producing truly innovative engine cooling products.  Our Mazda BT50 has undergone a full Davies Craig fitout, with our Transmission Oil Cooler the latest product to grace the ute after a successful installation of both a 16” Thermatic Fan and Electric Water Pump.

90% of transmission failures are due to overheating of the transmission oil, a simple yet effective way to alleviate these failures is by installing a Davies Craig Transmission Oil Cooler.  As shown in the below video, the installation is suitable for DIYers, however access to a hoist will speed-up the process!

Do you do a lot of towing, load carrying, sand driving are sustained periods in traffic? A Davies Craig Transmission Oil Cooler (part #691) will help keep your transmission in tip top condition!