The Davies Craig Thermatic Fan – The performance Upgrade YOU need!

06/04/2018 09:00AM

On a hot day there’s nothing like sitting inside basking in the cooling air-flow of an air-conditioner. That and perhaps an amber lemonade. On a hot day your car’s engine needs some extra cooling too.

Anyone that’s modified an engine bay will know one of the best options is an aftermarket, electrically powered fan. Davies Craig has a superb range of thermatic fans, available in 12V or 24V compatible units and in varying sizes, designed to replace the belt driven fan your car may have come with originally.

Thermatic fans can be fitted to the front or rear of the radiator to push or pull air through the radiator’s vanes. This flexibility in locating is of immense benefit to motorists wishing to upgrade their cooling systems as it allows a broad range of vehicles to take advantage of the extra cooling ability offered by a thermatic fan.

A thermatic fan works, as its name suggests, via a thermometer activated switch. Powered by the car’s battery, the fan is sent a command to turn on or off once the thermometer’s sensor reaches a set temperature. Consider the holiday traffic jam where slow forward motion is the norm. As a result airflow through the radiator is minimal and by utilising such a system, a thermatic fan raises the airflow level. At highway speeds there’s generally enough air passing through the radiator vanes and therefore the fan is not generally required.

The blades found on Davies Craig thermatic fans are straight, not bent or curved. This has been proven to provide more efficient air flow plus minimizes air flow noise due to a smoother air flow.

Thermatic fans are available from Davies Craig in eight to sixteen-inch diameter options to suit a variety of applications and engine bay sizes. Head over to our Thermatic Fan information page for more on these incredible fans here.