EWP80 Electric Water Pump Part No: 8005

The revolutionary, Australian designed, EWP pump is made from anti-corrosive, lightweight, glass-filled nylon & incorporates a carbon mechanical face seal for added reliability. The EWP improves engine cooling control & capacity while giving you more power & improved fuel economy. The EWP is universal & fits almost all makes of vehicles on the road today. Included in the kit is everything you need to fit it to your vehicle.

EWP80 Kit Contents   
Part # Description Quantity
8150 EWP80 Short 1
8908 EWP80 Hardware Bag 1
8307 EWP Straight Adatpor 35mm 1
8309 EWP L-Adaptors 35mm 1
8509 EWP Adaptor O-Ring 2
8510 EWP Sleeve 3mm 2
8512 Hose Clamp  2
8515 EWP Basic Pump Loom 1
18924 EWP Universal Instructions 1

EWP80 Specs Sheet (2012).jp

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