Monash Motorsport Update

19/08/2017 12:00AM

After attending the Monash Motorsport Formula SAE (FSAE) design launch a couple of months ago, Davies Craig have been waiting in anticipation for the first drive day for both the M-17C (combustion) and M-17E (electric) cars. On July 21st at the Oakleigh Go Kart Club in Melbourne, the team was able make Monash Motorsport history by having both a functioning combustion and electric engine in their stable.

After initial shakedowns both cars were able to log approximately 30km on the track, an impressive outing first up! As in previous seasons, the 2017 combustion engine car will feature both a Davies Craig 9” Thermatic Fan and EWP80 Electric Water Pump. We are incredibly excited to play a pivotal role in getting some of the nation’s brightest young minds out on the race track in some truly innovative machinery.

The Monash Motorsports program is ultimately working towards the FSAE National competition that will be held at Calder Park in late November. While plenty of testing and R&D is to take place between now and then , after such a promising initial shakedown the team is sure to be on the pace come November.

Watch the two videos below to see how the initial test day at Oakleigh panned out, including a clip of the Electric car being powered up to 80kw (107hp)!