The Davies Craig Ford Coyote EWP Header-Adaptor Kit

15/06/2018 09:00AM

Do you own a late model Mustang? Or, are you examining an engine transplant to your ride that involves using a Ford Coyote engine?  Do you want an increase in power and decrease heat soak? Well we have just the kit for you!

Mounting directly to the front of the engine block and replacing the belt-driven mechanical water pump in the process, the Ford Coyote EWP header adapter kit when coupled with one of our award winning Electric Water Pumps provides significant cooling management improvements.

By removing the strain that a mechanical water pump places on an engine, a Davies Craig Electric Water Pumps (EWP) can see improvements of up to 10kw while decreasing fuel consumption by up to 10%. An EWP can be one of the most cost-effective performance modifications you can make to your Mustang!

In each kit (part #8660) you will find:

  • Circular Coyote Adaptor Plate
  • Alloy Straight Adaptor 38mm (1½”) & ‘O’ Ring, AN-16 internal thread & mounting hardware
  • Alloy Heater Return Assembly 35mm (13/8”)
  • Nylon In-Line Adaptor & 3mm Rubber Sleeves
  • Hose, Rubber Adaptor 90° 38mm (1½”)
  • Various Hose Clamps  
  • Installation Instructions.

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