Monitor your vehicles tyre pressure and temperature in real time via your Smartphone (Apple or Android) or the included adaptor. An automatic sound and flashing alarm with occur six seconds after an abnormal phenomenon appears, such as too high or too low tyre pressure or leakage! 

The system take minutes to install and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The tyre Sensors easily screw onto the valve and come with a locking nut for security.

Smartphone system requirement:
1) Android: 4.4 Version and above

2) iOS: 7.0 version and above 

3) Support 4.0 BLE and above, IOS or Android operating system.


Smarthphone App Download

  • For IOS: Download; Go to “App Store” and search “Jetson TPMS”.
  • For Android: Download from 
  • *Note: for Andriod, some WiFi service may block the address. Simply switch off WiFi and download via Mobile Data or select desktop version from your browser settings. If still having issues, copy and paste the above link to your browser.





Bluetooth Adaptor


Tyre Sensors 4
Anti Theft Nut 4
Anti Theft Nut Tool 1
Battery CR1632 4
Instructions 1


  • Automatic sound and flash alarm six seconds after tire’s temperature becomes too high (exceed 75℃).
  • Temperature Measure Precision:±3℃
  • The waterproof and dustproof sensor can be used under awful condition.
  • The tire's pressure monitoring criterion can be customized.
  • The sensor's battery can be replaced freely. The normal life-span of battery is about 2 years. When the capacity remained is insufficient, automatic sound and flash alarm shall remind user to replace the battery in time(Battery Model No: CR1632)
  • Pressure measurement range:0 - 58PSI

    **The tyre pressure (baseline) can't be higher than 48psi because the High Pressure Alert (Alarm) is at 120% of your tyre pressure (Baseline)

    • Example: Tyre at 48 PSI = High Pressure Alert 120% = 57.6 PSI (Sensor Max is 58 PSI) if your tyres are set to any pressure above 48 PSI, this will cause the high pressure alarm to constantly go off.
  • Pressure Measure Precision: ±1.00PSI
  • Suitable for passenger cars, can monitor four wheel-tires simultaneously.
  • Four options for pressure unit:Kpa, PSI, Bar and Kgf/ cm2
  • Sensors' operating temperature:-10℃ ~85 ℃, that of receiver and monitor:-20 ℃ ~60 ℃
  • Sensor Weight:8g±1g
  • Signal Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz


Alarm Notifications:

  1. Low pressure level 1: drop 15% below Tyre (Baseline) pressure
  2. Low Pressure level 2: Drop 25% below Tyre (Baseline) pressure
  3. Low Pressure level 3: Drop 50% below Tyre (Baseline) pressure
  4. High Pressure level: Rise 120% above Tyre (Baseline) pressure
  5. High temperature: Above 75 C

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